Listed below are some readily available app’s that can assist people to develop their skills in slow, calm breathing. We have listed some of the benefits of each of the app’s so you can make up your mind which one might be best for you. All of the app’s are available in the App and Google Play Stores.


Free to download

Provides a way to help visualise your breathing

Visual cue is a coloured pattern flowing up and down screen

Set your own breath cycle (how long to inhale, hold, exhale)

Provides different colour options and 1 music option.

Music option syncs with breathing in and out so you can easily continue with your eyes closed.  Can set to vibrate but I did not find this option relaxing

Breath Ball

Free to download, simple tutorial helps you get started.

Provides a way to help visualise your breathing.

Visual cue is an image of a coloured ball expanding and contracting

Set your own breath cycle

Options to set colour, display written instructions, choose a range of relaxing background music

Provides some brief instruction of what to aim for in breathing


Free to download but you need to login in and create an account

Check-in feature to record how you’re feeling

Has a range of CBT techniques to help manage feelings of anxiety

Chill Zone – has breathing tools.

Calm Breathing – 2 min audio guided exercise, quite a slow breath rate, may be challenging for beginners

Mindful Breathing – 3 min audio guided exercise to focus on breath without getting caught up in thoughts

Stop Breath & Think Kids

Free to download, but has parental controls to login and can register multiple kids

Aimed for children aged 5-10 years. Recommends parent support

Has a range of different ‘missions’ or activities for kids to help with relaxation and mindfulness

Has audio and associated animation to guide through activities with associated animated video

Can search the range of missions to find what might suit you e.g., Quiet, Meltdown, Sleep etc or app will suggest some missions based on how kid is feeling

Breathing exercises – includes a range of different breathing exercises appropriate for kids with really helpful ways to explaining and guiding kids to try the exercise

ReachOut Breathe

Free to download

Records your pulse rate (easy using your smart phone’s camera feature).  Is a really interesting and helpful feature

Provides a way to help visualise your breath rate.  Also requires you to place thumb on screen when breathing in and remove when breathing out.  I found this helped to keep focus but also became a little tedious.  Or can use a vibrate option instead

Can set your own breath cycle

Can set reminders to encourage you to practice throughout the day

Provides helpful information about breathing and contact details for emergency mental health services


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